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Available Colors

Explore a broad range of colors and aesthetics, and enjoy the creative freedom to develop the specific shapes, textures and effects that your design demands.

Tuesday 8 August 2017, by Telkea

Based upon real-time Southern Florida exposure, the selection below represents colors that are expected to meet architectural guidelines for color change of less than 5∆Eab units over 10 years (ASTM D2244). Glacier White and Designer White are predicted to have color change of less than 2∆Eab units over 10 years.

Standard Collection

Standard colors will be offered in 60" x 144" x 1/2" (1524mm x 3658mm x 12mm), and are in Euroclass B,s1,D0.

The Deep colors are available in 30'' x144'' x1/2'' (762mm x3658mm x12mm).

Custom Collection & All Colors

Custom and all colors will be offered in 30" x 144" x 1/2" (762mm x 3658mm x 12mm) and are special fire-rated grade material. Custom colors may be made available in wider sizes. Please contact your local Corian® Design representative for further details regarding sizes and any restrictions or limitations regarding where these materials can be installed.

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*Colors can be seen as part of our Portfolio Sample Box

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